List of Listings

Chapter 3: Getting Started

Listing 3-1: Default code generated by the New Project wizard.

Chapter 4: Building a Device

Listing 4-1: A complete .NET Micro Framework flashlight
Listing 4-2: A .NET Micro Framework flashlight that uses interrupts

Chapter 6: Networking

Listing 6-1: Enumerating the available network interfaces
Listing 6-2: Retrieving IP addresses using the DNS
Listing 6-3: Serialization helpers
Listing 6-4: The flashlight identity message
Listing 6-5: Updating the configuration from HQ (part one)
Listing 6-6: The flashlight configuration message
Listing 6-7: Updating the configuration from headquarters (part two)
Listing 6-8: Update loop and send helper

Chapter 8: Using SideShow as a User Interface

Listing 8-1: Creating a registry entry for a gadget

Embedded Programming with the Microsoft .Net Micro Framework
Embedded Programming with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework
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