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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
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Any book, no matter how seemingly small or easy, takes a great deal of thought and hard work to come to fruition. There are so many people who have been involved in making this book a reality. All of them deserve more thanks than there is room for in this brief section.

From Both of Us

The entire staff at O'Reilly & Associates has worked long and hard to process our words and chicken scratches and make a readable, educational, and, we hope, enjoyable book. Particular thanks go to Debby Russell for her hours and hours of editing and commenting, and her suggestions to help make this book better and better. Many thanks as well to Steve Abrams, who converted files, did lots of pre-production work on the text, and otherwise helped move things along efficiently so we could meet an ambitious schedule.

Both of us would like to extend a very special "thank you" to Christopher Hamilton. Chris graciously provided us with the complete audit trail application you will find in Chapter 11. His approach to audit tracking is simple, yet incredibly effective. Thanks, Chris!

Thanks also go to Gustavo Saurez for providing expert help, guidance, and endless patience while we were learning the inner workings of the Oracle Security Server Manager.

Several people worked diligently to provide technical reviews of this book to ensure its accuracy. We would like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to: Dave Kreines for his comments on Chapter 1 and John Beresniewicz for his comments on structure; Michael Olin for both his wonderfully prolific and detailed comments on all of the chapters and his refreshing sense of humor throughout his feedback; James Viscusi and Craig Nickerson for detailed observations which helped to reform some chapters and make the whole better than the sum of the parts ; and David Ambors, who provided some excellent suggestions for the backup and recovery chapter.

From Marlene Theriault

First, I would like to thank both Matthew Theodoseau for creating the original outline upon which this book has, in part, been based, and Tony Ziemba, who brought me to this project. Without the involvement of these two men, Bill and I would never have written this book.

Next , I would like to thank William Heney for his many hours of hard work to bring this book to completion. I've known and worked with Bill for several years and believe that his skills, knowledge, and abilities have made him the very best choice I could have made for a coauthor.

I have known Martin Rosman for many years, both as a top- notch database administrator and, more importantly, as a friend. Marty was willing to perform the first, and probably hardest, technical editing of the book. His keen insights and eagle eye have helped to make this book better rounded and more accurate. Thanks, Marty, I owe you...maybe even sushi for life! James Viscusi willingly (courageously?) took on the task of providing the second technical review and even agreed to act as one of our "formal" reviewers. Thanks, Jim, you're a brave man!

In the world of DBAs, some people stand out as "the best." I am grateful to Eyal Aronoff and Kevin Loney for not only being there to help and guide me through this complex and sometimes confusing Oracle world but, more importantly, for being my friends .

There are few words that can describe how my relationship with Rachel Carmichael has changed my life and helped to bring me to the completion of this book. Since meeting at the first East Coast Oracle user conference (ECO '91 A Wizard's Gathering), we have coauthored two award-winning papers; become deeply involved as "co-DBAs," "tag team" presenters, and best friends; and encouraged each other to learn and grow. Our ability to "fill in the holes" in each others' knowledge has helped us to help countless others.

I would like to thank all of my friends and associates at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for providing me with an outstanding example of how a security-conscious shop should be run. Particular thanks go to my immediate supervisor, Craig Nickerson (who generously took his vacation time to act as a reviewer), and his supervisor, David Sager, for staunchly supporting me and for demonstrating over and over again their belief in me and their faith in my talents and abilities.

Special thanks go to my family, who seem to be my greatest cheering section. For his patience and ongoing support through all of the long months of writing this book and for his ability to keep me calm and centered when my world seemed to be going in six different directions at once, a giant "thank you" goes to my "most special love," Nelson Cahill.

From William Heney

When Marlene invited me to work with her on this book, my first thought was to not do it, but her enthusiasm for the project turned out to be catching. My thanks to Marlene for making it seem like a good and fun thing to do. I still believe it was a good thing to do.

One of my former co-workers , Mike Adams, deserves special mention because he is the one who understood my request for the role-switching code and developed the first version.

My wife, Ellen Black, deserves a special note of thanks for quietly picking just the right times to ask the "how's the book going?" question.


Oracle Security
Oracle Security Handbook : Implement a Sound Security Plan in Your Oracle Environment
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