38.11 Corrupt tdb Files

Our Samba PDC server has been hosting three TB of data to our 500+ users [Windows NT/XP] for the last three years using Samba without a problem. Today all shares went very slow. Also the main smbd kept spawning new processes so we had 1600+ running smbd's (normally we avg. 250). It crashed the SUN E3500 cluster twice. After a lot of searching, I decided to rm /var/locks/*.tdb . Happy again.

Question: Is there any method of keeping the *.tdb files in top condition or how can I detect early corruption?

Answer: Yes, run tdbbackup each time after stopping nmbd and before starting nmbd.

Question: What I also would like to mention is that the service latency seems a lot lower than before the locks cleanup. Any ideas on keeping it top notch ?

Answer: Yes. Same answer as for previous question!

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