1.7 Common Errors

The following questions and issues are raised repeatedly on the Samba mailing list.

1.7.1 Large Number of smbd Processes

Samba consists of three core programs: nmbd, smbd, and winbindd. nmbd is the name server message daemon, smbd is the server message daemon, and winbindd is the daemon that handles communication with Domain Controllers.

If Samba is not running as a WINS server, then there will be one single instance of nmbd running on your system. If it is running as a WINS server then there will be two instances ” one to handle the WINS requests .

smbd handles all connection requests. It spawns a new process for each client connection made. That is why you may see so many of them, one per client connection.

winbindd will run as one or two daemons, depending on whether or not it is being run in split mode (in which case there will be two instances).

1.7.2 Error Message: open_oplock_ipc

An error message is observed in the log files when smbd is started: " open_oplock_ipc: Failed to get local UDP socket for address 100007f. Error was Cannot assign requested ."

Your loopback device isn't working correctly. Make sure it is configured correctly. The loopback device is an internal (virtual) network device with the IP address . Read your OS documentation for details on how to configure the loopback on your system.

1.7.3 " The network name cannot be found "

This error can be caused by one of these misconfigurations:

  • You specified an nonexisting path for the share in smb.conf .

  • The user you are trying to access the share with does not have sufficient permissions to access the path for the share. Both read (r) and access (x) should be possible.

  • The share you are trying to access does not exist.

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