Chapter 18. Cups Printing Support

Section 18.1.   Introduction

Section 18.2.   Basic CUPS Support Configuration

Section 18.3.   Advanced Configuration

Section 18.4.   Advanced Intelligent Printing with PostScript Driver Download

Section 18.5.   The CUPS Filtering Architecture

Section 18.6.   Network Printing (Purely Windows)

Section 18.7.   Network Printing (Windows Clients ” UNIX/Samba Print Servers)

Section 18.8.   Network PostScript RIP

Section 18.9.   Windows Terminal Servers (WTS) as CUPS Clients

Section 18.10.   Configuring CUPS for Driver Download

Section 18.11.   Installing PostScript Driver Files Manually Using rpcclient

Section 18.12.   The Printing *.tdb Files

Section 18.13.   CUPS Print Drivers from

Section 18.14.   Page Accounting with CUPS

Section 18.15.   Additional Material

Section 18.16.   Auto-Deletion or Preservation of CUPS Spool Files

Section 18.17.   Printing from CUPS to Windows Attached Printers

Section 18.18.   More CUPS-Filtering Chains

Section 18.19.   Common Errors

Section 18.20.   Overview of the CUPS Printing Processes

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