Chapter 11. Active Directory, Kerberos, and Security

By this point in the book, you have been exposed to many Samba-3 features and capabilities. More importantly, if you have implemented the examples given, you are well on your way to becoming a Samba-3 networking guru who knows a lot about Microsoft Windows. If you have taken the time to practice, you likely have thought of improvements and scenarios with which you can experiment. You are rather well plugged in to the many flexible ways Samba can be used.

This is a book about Samba-3. Understandably, its intent is to present it in a positive light. The casual observer might conclude that this book is one-eyed about Samba. It is what would you expect? This chapter exposes some criticisms that have been raised concerning the use of Samba. For each criticism, there are good answers and appropriate solutions.

Some criticism always comes from deep inside ranks that one would expect to be supportive of a particular decision. Criticism can be expected from the outside. Let's see how the interesting dynamic of criticism develops with respect to Abmas.

This chapter provides a shameless self-promotion of Samba-3. The objections raised were not pulled out of thin air. They were drawn from comments made by Samba users and from criticism during discussions with Windows network administrators. The tone of the objections reflects as closely as possible that of the original. The case presented is a straw-man example that is designed to permit each objection to be answered as it might occur in real life.

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