Section 1.1. Introduction

1.1. Introduction

This chapter lays the groundwork for understanding the basics of Samba operation. Instead of a bland technical discussion, each principle is demonstrated by way of a real-world scenario for which a working solution[1] is fully described.

[1] The examples given mirror those documented in The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide, Second Edition (TOSHARG2) Chapter 2, Section 2.3.1 You may gain additional insight from the standalone server configurations covered in TOSHARG2, sections through

The practical exercises take you on a journey through a drafting office, a charity administration office, and an accounting office. You may choose to apply any or all of these exercises to your own environment.

Every assignment case can be implemented far more creatively, but remember that the solutions you create are designed to demonstrate a particular solution possibility. With experience, you should find much improved solutions compared with those presented here. By the time you complete this book, you should aim to be a Samba expert, so do attempt to find better solutions and try them as you work your way through the examples.

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