Since its introduction in 2002, people’s attention has focused on the many new features that have formed part of Microsoft .NET, such as the major changes to Microsoft Visual Basic, the introduction of C#, the new ASP.NET and ADO.NET models, and the increased use of XML. C++ developers need not feel left out, however, because a lot of the new features in Microsoft Visual C++ .NET make C++ a first-class member of the .NET family of programming languages.

This book provides you with an introduction to the new .NET-specific features that Microsoft has added to Visual C++ to support .NET development and has been completely updated for the release of the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. This new functionality is called the Managed Extensions for C++, and as well as providing C++ programmers with access to all the functionality in the .NET class libraries, it also lets you interoperate with existing C++ code, COM objects, and the Win32 API.

System Requirements

To complete the exercises in this book, you’ll need to have Microsoft Visual Studio .NET installed. Visual Studio .NET is available in various editions; you’ll need one of the following:

  • Visual C++ .NET Standard

  • Visual Studio .NET Professional

  • Visual Studio .NET Enterprise

Unless you’ve purchased this book as part of the Deluxe Learning Edition of Visual Studio .NET, the Visual Studio .NET software isn’t included with this book. You must purchase it separately and install it before you can complete the exercises in this book.

You’ll also need a computer capable of running Visual Studio .NET. For complete details, check the product package or check the Microsoft Visual Studio Web site at

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