Introduction to ATL Server

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ATL Server, newly introduced in ATL 7.0, is a set of ATL extension classes designed for server-side programming. Despite the ATL in the name , these classes have little to do with COM and have been primarily designed to let C++ developers create three kinds of server-side applications:

  • ISAPI extensions

  • XML Web Services

  • Web applications

To help you build these applications, a large number of classes are provided as part of the ATL Server library, including classes for

  • Working with sockets and HTTP

  • Handling cookie-based sessions

  • Caching session state in memory or to database tables

  • Performance monitoring

  • Working with SMTP

  • Writing SOAP clients and servers

  • Handling MIME types, and encoding or decoding using various schemes, such as Base64

  • Formatting HTML

  • Working with files, including memory-mapped files, and providing IStream -like access to files

Discussing all of these in detail would require a book in itself. Therefore, in the sections that follow, Ill introduce you to the architecture of ATL Server, and I will use two of the main application typesWeb applications and XML Web Servicesto demonstrate the main features of the ATL Server library.

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COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
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