Description of the Selected Tools

Table 9.2 lists the file names of the tools as well as their "official" names; a short description of each tool's characteristics is also given. The table is sorted by the names of the files, because it is the filename of a tool that you will use most often. In addition, the name of the pack that contains the tool is specified, along with the chapter of this book that contains the most complete information about using the tool. ("ST" stands for the Windows .NET Support Tools, "RK" means the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit, and "RAS" is the abbreviation for Remote Administration Scripts. "Sys" means that the tool is a standard system tool. These marks are also present in the subtitles of the following chapters.)


Most of the selected tools are contained in both Windows 2000 and Windows .NET systems and can safely run on both Windows 2000- and Windows XP/.NET-based computers. The Windows .NET versions of the tools, as a rule, cannot run on Windows 2000-based computers, so you need to take into account the limitations specific for each tool. See the detailed information in the chapter specified.

A few brand-new tools are marked by an asterisk (*).

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