Thanks to Harris Kern for his tremendous input, help, and guidance throughout this whole process.

Thanks to Pat Cusick and Andy Kennedy for their input and encouragement.

Thanks to Bill Hanna for his valuable knowledge, input, and guidance.

Thanks to Stan Segal and Dane Nash for their support and encouragement.

Thanks to the Sun Professional Services Staff, especially Gerry Hedlund, Steve Evans, and Jefre Futch, for providing the foundation on which to build a service structure.

Thanks to Jeff Harris for his vast contacts and persistent follow-through.

Thanks to Marianne Conlon for her input.

Thanks to the Xerox teams who helped develop and implement the processes used in the ISD organization.

A very special thank you to the Xerox System Administration, Database Administration, Help Desk, and Oracle SA teams for making ISD a reality. Your persistent teamwork, dedicated work practices, and constant drive to improve the process have made ISD a success in Xerox and have greatly improved the level of service to our customers!

Finally, thank you to Deanna, Jennifer, and Brenda ”we couldn't ask for three more supportive wives.

IT Services Costs, Metrics, Benchmarking and Marketing
IT Services: Costs, Metrics, Benchmarking and Marketing (paperback) (Enterprise Computing Series)
ISBN: 0132621959
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 93

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