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A local data application is one in which all the data needed to run the application is contained locally within the application. Developers can still create local data applications within Flash MX 2004, and there are times when this model makes perfect sense. Of course, there are times when it does not make sense. In the following sections, we discuss both.


One main reason developers choose to build an application with local data is that it can run without an Internet connection. It is not uncommon for Flash applications to be distributed on CD, and to this day, many computers do not have a dedicated connection to the Internet. For this reason, there will always be a place for these local data applications.


The liability of local data is fairly obvious, in that the application can use only the data coded within it. This is analogous to the days of microcomputers before client/server applications became dominant. Should the underlying data need to change, the source code would need to be modified and the Flash movie republished.

Another place in which local data applications have a shortcoming is the area of security. Sadly, a series of Flash decompilers have existed for years . They allow their users access to all the variables within a Flash application. If any sensitive data is used, this can be exposed through the use of these decompilers .

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