Although Bob Schneider might be slapped on the cover, the making of this book has been a team effort with many key players. I'd like to thank the members of the editorial group at Addison-Wesley. In the face of a brutal workload, my editor Joan Murray always made time to confer and console. She intelligently steered the book's creation and got it out the door. Acquisitions editor Stephane Thomas encouraged my proposal and commissioned the book. The difficult task of boosting my flagging spirits and confidence, as well as parrying my delaying tactics, fell to three assiduous editorial assistants: Jessica D'Amico, Elizabeth Zdunich, and Ebony Haight. Development editor Chris Zahn provided high-level guidance, project editor Lori Lyons, with the help of Rebecca Storbeck, shepherded the book through production, and copyeditor Krista Hansing edited my prose.

I greatly appreciate the thoughtful criticisms and excellent suggestions I received from my reviewers. Kel Good deserves special recognition for slogging through all the examples, step-by-step, and being generous with both his time and expertise. Doug Steele, Bob Reselman, John Viescas, and Richard Banks all made valuable, thoughtful remarks. I appreciate the warm encouragement of Ron Crumbaker and Arvin Meyer, as well as the comments of Paul Kimmel, David Hayden, and Christa Carp. Whatever the book's shortcomings, they would have been multiplied severalfold had it not been for the well-reasoned abuse of the review group.

Hands-On Microsoft Access(c) A Practical Guide to Improving Your Access Skills
Hands-On Microsoft Access: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Access Skills
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