Part II: Fundamentals of Acrobat

Chapter List

Chapter 5: Controlling Acrobat and Access to Your PDFs
Chapter 6: Using Acrobat and Navigating PDFs
Chapter 7: PDF Document Management
Chapter 8: Building Presentations and Forms
Chapter 9: Collaborative Publishing and Interactivity
Chapter 10: Acrobat E-mail, eBook, and Web Features

In Part I, I discussed that fact that PDF documents are page-based rather than document-based . The benefits of this become clear in Part II, as I demonstrate how PDF documents can be manipulated. PDFs can be viewed , printed, and published or transferred electronically ; they can be used col-laboratively, as presentations, as forms, or as full-featured e-books. And for those with security needs, Acrobat provides a full set of security features, including encrypted digital signatures.

Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
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