Most of us will attend several kinds of meetings in our lives “ union meetings, project meetings, board meetings, club meetings and many others. At those meetings there is normally an agenda and there is a secretary who eventually writes the minutes. Being the secretary at a meeting is not a job people run for. It also happens now and then that you get boring minutes to read after a meeting and you even wonder what happened because of the poor information contained in the minutes.

Many secretaries see it as their main task to write down as much as possible from the meeting. This necessarily means they can t take an active part in the discussion at the meeting. If the secretary takes his or her notes in the form of a learning map it is easier to keep up with the discussion as he or she is concentrating on finding a few important keywords.

This is what the secretary s notes look like after a meeting. A learning map does not replace ordinary minutes “ it is a piece of paper with personal notes and it is the only help the secretary needs to write the minutes.

A learning map is always personal!

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Learning Maps and Memory Skills
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