The R&M process is a generic model of logically sequenced events that guides the simultaneous engineering team through the main drivers of good design for R&M engineering. The amount of time budgeted for each activity or task should vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the equipment or processes in design. However, regardless of the unique conditions, all of the steps in the R&M process need to be considered in their logical sequence and applied as needed.

In Table 8.1, we identify different activities that you may consider in the first three phases of the R&M process. These phases are divided into main areas for consideration; then, various activities are listed for each area. This list is not complete, but it focuses the reader on the type of activities that should occur during each time period. This list also helps identify the sequence in which these activities may be completed, depending on the project.

Table 8.1: Activities in the First Three Phases of the R&M Process



Build and Installation

Bookshelf data manufacturing process selection

R&M and production needs analysis

R&M planning

Process design for R&M machinery FMEA ” design review

Equipment run-off

Operation of machinery

To determine timing for the R&M process, you may use the following procedure:

  1. Determine deadline dates to meet production requirements.

  2. Check relevance of R&M activities with regard to achieving program/project targets.

  3. Plan relevant R&M activities by working backwards from deadline dates, estimating time required for completion of each activity.

  4. Set appropriate start dates for each activity/stage based on requirements and timing.

  5. Determine and assign responsibility for stage-based deliverables.

  6. Continually track progress of your plan, within and at the conclusion of each stage.

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