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storage networks: the complete reference
Storage Networks: The Complete Reference
by Robert Spalding ISBN:0072224762
McGraw-Hill/Osborne 2003 (526 pages)

Written for storage professionals, this reference outlines the various architectural considerations of storage area networks (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS), the components that satisfy each storage architecture, and various connectivity options.

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This comprehensive guide helps you stay on top of storage networking innovations while understanding the realities of storage networks in the data center. Use the essential concepts of storage networks including architecture, devices, connectivity options, and data organization methods to design and apply comprehensive and successful storage solutions.

Learn to work with the two major modelsNAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Networking)and their integration with IP, RAID storage architectures, and virtualization basics. Whether youre a network engineer, application designer, or IT executive, discover this useful reference to understand, plan, and maintain a storage network.

  • Plan, install, and manage a successful storage network
  • Analyze network file systems, volume managers, and database storage challenges used in storage networks
  • Understand the realities of data protection and backup/recovery techniques using storage networks
  • Compare reliability and performance by reviewing the potential and limitations of storage component technologies
  • Integrate storage networking solutions with structured and unstructured data using example data center models
  • Consider the best options for using disk, tape, and optical media with storage networks
  • Overcome the challenges and limitations of storage networks using relational database systems and existing LAN/WAN networks
  • Learn I/O workload planning and estimate your storage networking capacities and requirements

About the Author

Robert Spalding was one of the first to leverage dyadic processing within the mainframe environment, setting the foundation for high-end symmetrical processing. He is currently working on advanced storage strategies for imaging technologies, and distribution and archival technologies for unstructured data products such as audio and video.

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Storage Networks
Storage Networks: The Complete Reference
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