Storage Networks : The Complete Reference

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Storage Networks: The Complete Reference

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Writing a technical book is very much like building a house. It springs from inspiration, necessity, aesthetics, multiple talents, and hard work. Nothing would get published if the myriad of small tasks were not completed to meet deadlines from a project plan. My appreciation goes to all of those talented people who worked and contributed to this book.

If there is any dedication of this book it is to Donn Thornton for his inspiration. Donn was instrumental in teaching me the value of understanding, listening, and more importantly thinking, not only outside the box, but outside the universe. This book moved forward with the help of Kevin Ansell, whose experiences and discussions helped me through many difficult times. My thanks and appreciation goes out to Kevin for his sense of humor and encouragement.

Franny Kelly, acquisition editor at McGraw-Hill/Osborne, championed keeping this project alive and on schedule. My thanks to Franny for trusting me with the completion of this large project. Regarding the tremendous task of assembling all the writing into a real-live book, Id like to convey my sincere thanks to my project editor, Jody McKenzie. Jody (along with her talented copyeditors) was critical to my technical dissertations becoming a coherent set of text and artwork and, subsequently, a completed manuscript.

I admit it; technically, I had help. Patty Then, storage consultant extraordinaire proved a much-needed sounding board in the review and validation of a wide set of technical concepts and specifications that make up this book. Pattys knowledge of systems, storage infrastructures, and data centers was a key resource in illustrating the technical aspects of the SAN. She is one of those rare individuals versed in performance, capacity planning, and operational experiences that span both mainframe and open systems. I also need to thank Himanshu Dwivedi for his work in Chapter 25 on the increasing interests and concerns regarding security in storage infrastructures .

My thanks and appreciation also go to Ian Spalding, technical and creative writer, for his last-minute assistance in writing some of the key chapters from my encrypted notes. In addition, Ian was enlisted again to assist in proofing the book before final publication. We all wish you the best of success on your first novel .

Finally, all of this work would not have been possible without the support, assistance, inspiration, and help from my partner and wife, Artie. Her help in moving this book toward completion was more than anyone could ask. Thank you.

Robert SpaldingFebruary, 2003


About the Author

Robert Spalding , a technology consultant, leveraged his 30 years of advanced technology experiences to develop Storage Networks: The Complete Reference for McGraw-Hill/Osborne. Being at the computer technology forefront, he was one of the first to use dyadic processing within the mainframe environment, setting the foundations for high-end symmetrical processing. His open systems management research and study led the way in developing the first management tools for massive parallel processing configurations that are still used today. As a research analyst covering the storage industry, he identified and published the early research that evolved into complex storage network technologies of today.

Robert is currently working on advanced storage strategies for imaging technologies and distribution as well as archival technologies for unstructured data products such as audio and video. Storage Networks: The Complete Reference is the latest in a string of more than 50 publications that include research papers, technical articles, and music compositions. He can be reached through his independent consultancy at


About the Contributing Writers

Ian Spalding has worked as a technical writer and editor for several start-up companies. He is currently at work on his first novel.

Himanshu Dwivedi is a Managing Security Architect at @stake, Inc., where he leads the Storage Center of Excellence (CoE), which focuses research and training around storage technology, including Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN). At @stake, Himanshu forms part of the San Francisco-based Professional Services Organization (PSO) providing clients with network architecture assessments, attack and penetration services, secure network design, and secure server analysis. He is also part of the @stake Academy, where he is a lead instructor in several security classes.

Himanshu is considered an industry expert in the area of SAN security, specifically Fibre Channel Security. He has given numerous presentations and workshops regarding the security in SANs, including the SNIA Security Summit, Storage Networking World, TechTarget, the Fibre Channel Conference, SAN-West, and SAN-East. He holds a wide spectrum of well-diversified security experiences, specializing in the telecommunications industry. Additionally, Himanshu has worked with major organizations in the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia, including some of the major software, manufacturing, and financial-based entities.


About the Technical Editor

Giota Vavasis Then (Patty) started her professional career in 1982 as an applications programmer. In 1986, Patty began using her programming skills in the data center to write utilities for data-center automation as an MVS Systems Programmer while supporting 24/7 Enterprise Data Center operations. While in this capacity, Patty developed expertise in areas of Data Center Security, Storage Management, Capacity Planning, Performance Measurement and Modeling, Business Continuance, and Disaster Recovery, to name a few. In 1992, Patty moved from working in the data center to working as a vendor. Past companies she has represented include Hitachi Data Systems, EMC Corp, StorageTek, and, most recently, XIOtech/Seagate Technologies.

Patty has held various positions over the last 21 years in the IT industry, such as Systems Support Engineer, Sales and Consulting Engineer, National Accounts Manager, Customer Service District Manager, Product Marketing Manager, and Sales and Education Consultant.

Awarded numerous honors over the years for her outstanding contributions, Patty currently heads the Consortium Technologies Group, a consulting and education practice based in the Tampa Bay Area, that brings together a team of /world-renowned experts with real-world customer-focused experience.

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