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tab-delimited text files, setting up for Mass Pay  
tables, embedding Button Factory code in  
Tanaka, Ray  
target="paypal" attribute, including in Add To Cart buttons  
tax variable  
       Aggregate Cart feature  
telephone password recovery process  
telephone support for PayPal  
templates, building for dynamic storefronts  
test transactions
       setting up  
testing scripts for IPN pages  
text messages, requesting payments with  
Tien, Alan  
tiered subscriptions  
       inserting tier information for new subscriptions  
       keeping track of levels, for subscribers  
       restricting access based on level  
TinyURL tool  
Trachtenberg, Adam  
       affiliate referrals  
       eBay products with IPN  
       Google conversions with IPN  
       order status  
       packages to protect against chargebacks  
       PayPal application usage  
       sales from Google advertising  
       sales using PayPal payment buttons  
       users before/after PayPal transactions  
        visitors to web sites  
Transaction Disputes page  
transaction IDs  
       displaying on return pages   2nd  
       IPN (Instant Payment Notification) code and  
        order-tracking pages and  
       retrieving transaction details  
       searching for payments by  
transaction logs on cell phones  
transaction number (tx) parameter   2nd  
       details of
               viewing   2nd  
       handling errors within API wrapper class  
       return URL parameters  
       searching for, using API  
TransactionSearch API  
TransactionSearchResponseType class  
transferring PayPal funds to bank accounts  
trial periods for subscriptions  
       Customer Service phone numbers  
       recovering forgotten passwords  
tx (transaction number) parameter   2nd  
txn_id variable  
txn_type variable  
type of payments, searching for transactions by  

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
ISBN: 0596007515
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169

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