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       adding web references  
       confirming email addresses  
       PayPal API wrapper class, using  
       refunding money using API wrapper class  
       setting up  
       SSL certificates, setting up  
       test transactions, setting up  
       testing IPN and PDT  
       verifying bank accounts in  
scrollbars attribute  
search engine exposure, increasing by modifying button code  
       for eBay listings that accept PayPal  
       for PayPal transactions  
secondary IPN scripts  
security code for PayPal  
security questions/answers  
security requirements before accessing web services  
security tokens, creating  
seller fees
       paid by buyers  
       received, after refunding payments  
       using Mass Pay  
Seller Protection Policy  
        chargebacks and   2nd  
Seller Reputation Numbers  
       checking status of   2nd  
       merchandise disputes and   2nd  
       preventing merchandise disputes  
Sells, Chris  
Send Money tab
       accepting payments from Pay Anyone subtab  
       preventing use of, for auctions  
Send to Friend feature  
SendMassPay( )  
server-side scripting  
server-side verification of discount coupons  
Service Button (Payment Wizard)  
session objects, creating  
session variables , setting for customer visits  
setAllowNote( )  
setAmount( )  
setBillContinuous( )  
setBillingAmount( )  
setBillingPeriod( )  
setBillingTime( )  
setBusinessID( )  
setCancelURL( )  
setCurrency( )  
setExtraShipping( )  
setHandling( )  
setItemName( )  
setItemNumber( )  
setLogoURL( )  
setNoShipping( )  
setPrice( )  
setReattempt( )  
setReturnURL( )  
setShipping( )  
setStopAfterBilling( )  
setTarget( )  
setTrialAmount( )  
Share the Love system (Amazon)  
Shining Light Productions Win32 OpenSSL  
shipping addresses
       capturing with IPN  
       unconfirmed, accepting payments from  
Shipping Calculations page  
Shipping Information page  
shipping preferences, overriding  
shipping products, protections when  
Shipping Tool (PayPal)  
shipping variable  
       Aggregate Cart feature  
       overriding preferences  
shipping2 variable   2nd  
shopping carts  
       Add To Cart button   [See Add To Cart button]
       adding items to  
       Aggregate Cart feature  
       combining buttons into one form  
       converting button code to links  
       creating button for  
       creating user controls  
       inserting details into databases  
       integrating third-party shopping carts with PayPal  
       opening in new browser windows  
       price checking for purchases  
       processing with IPN  
       shortening URLs  
       specifying window sizes  
       Upload Complete Cart feature  
       payment URLs   2nd  
       shopping cart URLs  
Sign In pages for subscribers  
signatures, requiring for delivery  
single-item purchases
       IPN pages and  
       PDT (Payment Data Transfer) and  
       simple price checking with  
       vs. shopping carts  
site_ variable  
size of shopping cart windows, specifying  
Sklar, David  
Smart Logo payments  
snapping in PayPal connection to Flash  
SnipURL tool  
SOAP-enabling your application  
Sofield, Shannon  
       avoid sending to customers  
       hiding email addresses from spammers  
spoofed payments, preventing   2nd  
       with encryption  
SQL (Structured Query Language) queries  
SQL Pocket Guide  
SSL certificates   2nd  
       converting text files into .cer files, using OpenSSL  
       generating from Sandbox  
st (status of transaction) parameter  
standard rates vs. merchant rates  
start/end dates, searching for transactions by  
status attribute  
status of orders, tracking  
status of payments, searching for transactions by  
status of transaction (st) parameter  
stolen credit cards, repercussions of using  
storefronts   [See dynamic storefronts]
Stranger in a Strange Land  
Strategic Database Marketing: The Master Plan for Starting and Managing a Profitable, Customer-Based  
Subscribe button
       Modify Subscription button  
       adding a premium subscription button  
subscribers-only content, controlling access to  
Subscription button  
       adding to Flash- powered online stores  
       Component Inspector for  
       inserting, using WebAssist PayPal eCommerce Toolkit  
        methods that set values  
       obfuscating button code  
SubscriptionInfoType object  
       multiple currencies supported  
       multiple terms supported  
       to online content, selling  
       Password Management feature  
       processing subscriber notifications  
       shortcut to details page  
       signing in, to access premium online content  
       timing to end on same day  
       trial periods  
Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Manual  
suppliers, scheduling payments with Mass Pay API  
support for PayPal
       email inquiries  
       online forums  

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