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radio buttons
       creating user controls  
       working with Dreamweaver and PayPal  
ranking web pages, based on content  
receipt IDs, searching for transactions by  
ReceiverInfoType object  
recording donations  
       in dynamic storefront tables  
       keeping same names for dynamic storefront pages and product details pages  
redundancy, synchronizing PDT and IPN  
Reese, George  
referral IDs, using instead of email addresses  
referrals from Google advertising, tracking  
referred purchases, recording  
refreshing return pages until order is processed  
       issuing, with APIClient tool  
       limits on, per year  
       made on payments  
       for not-as-described items   2nd  
       for payments, using Web Services API  
RefundTransaction API   2nd  
RefundTransactionReq object  
RefundTransactionRequestType object  
RefundTransactionResponseType object   2nd  
       of buyers , checking   2nd  
       of sellers, checking   2nd  
Request Money - Confirm page  
Request Money - Group feature  
Request Money feature  
       limitations of  
       vs. PayPal payment links  
request URLs, creating  
resellers , automating payout incentives to, with Mass Pay  
resetting passwords by email  
resizable attribute  
Resolution Center, filing buyer protection claims using  
response to purchase conversion rate  
restoring limited accounts  
results pages for order-tracking systems  
       money from PayPal accounts  
       transaction details  
return pages
       cookies that remember customer information  
       creating   2nd  
       delivering digital goods with  
       displaying merchant transaction IDs on   2nd  
       order-specific information presented on  
       refreshing, until order is processed  
       upselling customers using  
return variable  
       delivering digital goods with return pages  
       displaying merchant transaction IDs on return pages  
       testing for errors on IPN pages  
ReturnURL parameter  
rm variable   2nd  
Roman, Steven  
rsDonationGoal variable  
rsInventoryCount variable  
rsJump recordset  
RunTransactionSearch( )   2nd  

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
ISBN: 0596007515
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169

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