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In this chapter, we covered some of the methods we can use to manipulate TableDef objects at run time from within our own VBA code.

While it is true that not every Access application will require these techniques (in many cases creating tables by manually entering fields and indexes will be sufficient), working through this chapter will improve your knowledge of how Access stores information and how to improve your program's use of it.

Perhaps more than any other chapter you should have noticed that knowledge of the Data Access Object hierarchy is the key to everything. A little time studying the DAO Object Library Reference (which we have reproduced for you in Appendix B) will really help.

We also went through the useful technique of creating tables from XML schemas. You may know that Microsoft has placed XML right at the core of their corporate strategy so I'm sure that you will be hearing a great deal more about XML over the next few years .

Finally we had a look at the topics of relationships and sub datasheets and had a go and creating them both manually and programmatically.

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