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Visual Studio Integrator Program

For most of us, the use of add-ins, macros, and wizards will provide the functionality to meet the majority of our programming needs in Visual Studio .NET. However, some users will want to go beyond the automation model provided by Visual Studio .NET. Some users may want to introduce a new programming language and associated compiler, or a new text editor.

Microsoft created the Visual Studio Integrator Program (VSIP) to allow advanced users to accomplish this. VSIP provides the tools and information needed to integrate a new product through a collection of System Development Kits (SDKs). If you are interested in exploring the possibilities, you can find out more about this functionality by going to the Microsoft Web site and looking up the VSIP program.

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio  .NET
Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
ISBN: 1590590260
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 172
Authors: Les Smith

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