Chapter 2. Numbers

    Section 2.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 2.1.  Checking Whether a Variable Contains a Valid Number

    Recipe 2.2.  Comparing Floating-Point Numbers

    Recipe 2.3.  Rounding Floating-Point Numbers

    Recipe 2.4.  Operating on a Series of Integers

    Recipe 2.5.  Generating Random Numbers Within a Range

    Recipe 2.6.  Generating Biased Random Numbers

    Recipe 2.7.  Taking Logarithms

    Recipe 2.8.  Calculating Exponents

    Recipe 2.9.  Formatting Numbers

    Recipe 2.10.  Formatting Monetary Values

    Recipe 2.11.  Printing Correct Plurals

    Recipe 2.12.  Calculating Trigonometric Functions

    Recipe 2.13.  Doing Trigonometry in Degrees, Not Radians

    Recipe 2.14.  Handling Very Large or Very Small Numbers

    Recipe 2.15.  Converting Between Bases

    Recipe 2.16.  Calculating Using Numbers in Bases Other Than Decimal

    Recipe 2.17.  Finding the Distance Between Two Places

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