MultibyteWide-Character Conversion Functions

Wide-Character Array Functions

The standard character array-manipulation functions, such as memcpy( ), also have wide-character equivalents. They are shown in the following table. These functions use the header <wchar.h>.


char Equivalent

wchar_t *wmemchr(const wchar_t *str,
                                  wchar_t ch, size_t num)

memchr( )

int wmemcmp(const wchar_t *str1,
                         const wchar_t *str2, size_t num)

memcmp( )

wchar_t *wmemcpy(wchar_t *str1,
                                  const wchar_t *str2,
                                  size_t num)

memcpy( )
In C99, str1 and
str2 are qualified
by restrict.

wchar_t *wmemmove(wchar_t *str1,
                                     const wchar_t *str2,
                                     size_t num)

memmove( )

wchar_t *wmemset(wchar_t *str, wchar_t ch,
                                 size_t num)

memset( )

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