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c/c++ programmer's reference, third edition
C/C++ Programmer's Reference, Third Edition
by Herbert Schildt ISBN:0072227222
McGraw-Hill/Osborne 2003 (358 pages)

This guide reviews the rules and syntax of the principle commands that comprise C and its object-oriented cousin, C++. The reference consists of 19 chapters that define operators and the standard input/output, string, character, and more.

Table of Contents
C/C++ Programmer’s Reference, Third Edition
Chapter 1 - Data Types, Variables, and Constants
Chapter 2 - Functions, Scopes, Namespaces, and Headers
Chapter 3 - Operators
Chapter 4 - The Preprocessor and Comments
Chapter 5 - Keyword Summary
Chapter 6 - The Standard C I/O Functions
Chapter 7 - The String and Character Functions
Chapter 8 - The C Mathematical Functions
Chapter 9 - The C++ Mathematical Functions
Chapter 10 - Time, Date, and Localization Functions
Chapter 11 - The Dynamic Allocation Functions
Chapter 12 - Miscellaneous Functions
Chapter 13 - The Wide-Character Functions
Chapter 14 - The Old-Style C++ I/O System
Chapter 15 - The ANSI/ISO Standard C++ I/O Classes
Chapter 16 - The C++ Standard Template Library
Chapter 17 - The C++ String, Exception, Complex, and Pair Classes
Chapter 18 - Library Features Added by C99
Chapter 19 - The .NET Managed Extensions to C++

C(s)C++ Programmer's Reference
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