Getting Ready to Edit MIDI

In this lesson you will program a MIDI Region to accent the Folder's drum loop. Of course, you'll use the Matrix Editor to do this. However, before you can program a drum MIDI Region, you need a MIDI instrument to create the sound. Happily, Logic provides several drum sets in the GarageBand Drum Kits Audio Instrument. Let's insert this instrument and see how it sounds.


From this book's companion DVD files, open 06Begin.lso (in the Lesson 6 Project Files folder) or continue working on your song from the previous lesson.


In the Arrange window, select an empty Audio Instrument track.

The Arrange channel strip updates to show the channel strip for the selected track.


On the Arrange channel strip, click and hold the Input slot.

A hierarchical instrument-assignment menu appears.


From the instrument-assignment menu, choose Stereo > Logic > GarageBand Instruments > Drum Kits.

The GarageBand Drum Kits instrument is assigned as the input for the Audio Instrument track.


Create a one-bar cycle over a part of the arrangement that contains the Folder and Bongo Region.

You are going to create a drum loop to accent the existing drum parts, so it's important that your loop play over them.


Press the spacebar to start playback.


Play your MIDI keyboard and audition the sounds in the Drum Kits drum set.


If you don't have a MIDI keyboard, press the Caps Lock key to display Logic's Caps Lock keyboard. For more information, see Lesson 1.


Use the Drum Kits Settings menu to find a drum kit you like.


Don't forget, you can use the Next Plug-In Setting (Cmd-Option-N) and Previous Plug-In Setting (Cmd-Option-B) key commands that you assigned in Lesson 3 to cycle through drum kits without using the Settings menu.


The extra drum kits listed in the above figure are installed with Apple's Jam Pack 2.


Click the button in the top left corner of the Drum Kits instrument in order to close it.

The instrument will still make sound, but now it's out of sight and doesn't take up valuable screen real estate.

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