Lesson13.Working with Video in Logic Pro

Lesson 13. Working with Video in Logic Pro

Media Time Goals

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This lesson takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

Learn about proxy movies

Open a movie in Logic

Explore the Global Video track

Import audio from a movie

Use the Pickup Clock function

Experiment with Logic's Shuffle modes

Export audio into a movie

Take a quick peek at the appendix of this book and you'll note that Logic occupies a central position in Apple's digital production platform workflow. Indeed, there's an old saying in the video world: Video is two-thirds audio. This is more than cliché; it's fact. Viewers will tolerate a video that has poor contrast or incorrect color correction, but if your audio peaks to distortion, or if the volume level fluctuates wildly over the course of a program, they will change the channel.

Happily, Logic is an excellent program for scoring video. In this lesson, we will examine Logic's video side by adding a sound effect to a preexisting movie. You'll learn how to open a movie in Logic, choose the video standard appropriate for your country, and also examine a few editing techniques that will help you make those immersive movie scores you've been dreaming about.

Logic Express users should note that most of the features discussed here are available only in Logic Pro. You can still follow the first half of this lesson as we open a movie and work with the Global Video track, but that's about as far as the lesson can take you.

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