Section 1. Introducing Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets is a web-based spreadsheet that mimics some of the key features of freestanding spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel. Using a familiar row-and-column format, Google Spreadsheets allows you to manipulate numeric data in a variety of ways. Instead of using ledger paper, calculator, and pencil, you can now use Google Spreadsheets to do both simple and complex number-crunching activitiesfrom any computer connected to the Internet.

Google Spreadsheets was born in Google Labs (, which is the incubator for many of Google's most innovative applications. Google, of course, is the Internet's most popular search site, and also host to a variety of search-based and non-search applicationsincluding Google Maps, Gmail, Picasa, Blogger, and the like.

You access Google Spreadsheets (shown in Figure 1) at

Figure 1. Access Google Spreadsheets at


Learn more about Google and all its services and applications in my companion book, Googlepedia (Michael Miller, Que Publishing, 2006).


Google Spreadsheets is currently an experimental product in beta test. This means that Google may (or may not) add or change functionality as the test proceeds.

Using Google Spreadsheets
Using Google Spreadsheets
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