Web Author

Web Author

Web Author is a set of client-side and server-side scripts that are used in conjunction with the pages (postings) in a Web site, allowing the pages to be viewed in several different modes. This effectively allows content authoring and approval to be performed within the context of the Web site itself. In Live mode, the pages are seen as subscribers are meant to see them, with actual content in the page template upon which the page is based. If the subscriber is also acting in another role, such as author or editor, the page includes the link Switch to Edit Site, which re-renders the page in a mode that allows editing. The following figure illustrates a page in Live mode in the Method Systems sample site that comes with Content Connector.

In Edit mode, the page is rendered such that the link that previously said, Switch to Edit Site now says, Switch to Live Site. More important, it is now rendered with a special editing menu of more than a dozen commands, as shown in the following figure.

The Edit command can be used to change the content on the page, causing the page to be re-rendered such that the text that can be changed, the text in the placeholders, is rendered within special HTML editing controls. The special editing menu is still present, but has a reduced set of commands available, as shown in the following figure.

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