Chapter 7: Fetching Data from the Database (Advanced)


In Chapter 6, we discover how to use a Web server and browser to create a user interface. In this chapter, we build upon that concept and create a Web-based auction program! Although this isn't near what eBay is, this auction program is perfect for small fundraisers, church auctions, and so on. In fact, the idea for this chapter is taken from my 'real job' at MasterCard International, where we wanted to have an internal Web-based auction for a charity we support.

To create this auction program, first we must gain an understanding of what functionality we are looking for. This auction program needs to be able to:

  • Run several different auctions or at least have the ability for different items to have different times that bidding is allowed

  • Store donor information

  • Store item information

  • Store bid information

  • Define when bidding starts and when bidding closes

  • List a range of items

  • List a single item

  • Be template-based for easy customization

The program we create in this chapter does all of the preceding.

Perl Database Programming
Perl Database Programming
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