You can replicate almost, but not quite all the functionality of the example application using the ASP and Access you have learned. You will need to find a version of md5 or its equivalent in order to store encrypted as opposed to plaintext versions of the passwords. Note also that ASP sessions do require the client computer to accept cookies.

The concepts introduced in this chapter will become clearer to you when you confront them in the course of building a real application. Keep in mind that there are many facilities, including DBMSs and auxiliary products and services, that compete on the basis of how well they address the challenges of building robust, industrial-strength applications. The good news is that your work will be based on the understanding and skills you have developed in writing HTML, middleware (PHP and ASP/JavaScript), and SQL queries.

Creating Database Web Applications with PHP and ASP
Creating Database Web Applications with PHP and ASP (Charles River Media Internet & Web Design)
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