Project 2. Styling a Photo Collection

All photographs are there to remind us of what we forget. In this as in other ways they are the opposite of paintings. Paintings record what the painter remembers. Because each one of us forgets different things, a photo more than a painting may change its meaning according to who is looking at it.


Although not everyone puts his or her photographs online, such collections are an interesting layout challenge. Each photo and its associated information forms a small, self-contained unit that nevertheless has to be laid out with respect to the other photographs on the page. In a way, they're like portals, except with each "box" in this portal leading to more information about a photo instead of to the latest headlines or sports scores.

Photo collections are also reminiscent of another, far more common layout challenge: that of a catalog of products for sale via an e-commerce site. In fact, sometimes the photos themselves can be products for sale, which is the assumption we'll be making in this project.

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