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debugging by thinking: a multidisciplinary approach
Debugging By Thinking: A Multidisciplinary Approach
by Robert Charles Metzger ISBN:1555583075
Digital Press 2004

This comprehensive book applies the wisdom of logic, mathematics, psychology, safety analysis, computer science, and engineering to the problem of debugging to define a systematic approach to identifying and correcting software errors.

Table of Contents
Debugging by Thinking—A Multidisciplinary Approach
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Sherlock Holmes
Chapter 3 - Lord Peter Wimsey
Chapter 4 - Professor Solomon
Chapter 5 - Case Studies I
Chapter 6 - Mathematical Problem Solving
Chapter 7 - Debugging Strategies
Chapter 8 - Debugging Heuristics
Chapter 9 - Debugging Tactics
Chapter 10 - Case Studies II
Chapter 11 - The Way of the Safety Expert
Chapter 12 - The Way of the Psychologist
Chapter 13 - The Way of the Engineer
Chapter 14 - The Way of the Computer Scientist
Chapter 15 - Get Back to Work
Appendix A - Root-Cause Checklist
Appendix B - Books about Debugging
Appendix C - Software Recommendations
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Debugging by Thinking. A Multidisciplinary Approach
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