Scaling a Layer Style

If you change the content of a layer that uses a layer style, in some cases the layer style settings may no longer be the right size for the content. For example, if you have a drop shadow that looks correct at 5 pixels wide on 48-point type, the shadow effect stays at 5 pixels wide if you change the type size to 24 points, causing the shadow to appear twice as wide as it should. Instead of adjusting the size of every layer style setting, you can simply scale the entire layer style.

To scale a layer style:


In the Layers palette, context-click on the layer style icon or a layer style itself.


From the context menu, choose Scale Effects (Figure 12.7). The command is way down at the bottom of the menu.

Figure 12.7.


Adjust the scale percentage until the layer looks right and click OK.

You can also choose Layer > Layer Style > Scale Effects, but that's the longer way to get there.

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Working Smart in Adobe Photoshop CS2
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