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macromedia® DIRECTOR MX 2004 training from the source
By Dave Mennenoh
Publisher: Macromedia
Pub Date: November 05, 2004
ISBN: 0-321-22365-9
Pages: 504

      The Projects
      Elements and Format
      Macromedia Training from the Source
      What You Will Learn
      Minimum System Requirements
    Chapter 1.  Director MX 2004 Basics
      What's New in 2004
      The Director Metaphor
      Creating Your First Movie
      Introducing the Cast
      Introducing the Score
      Introducing the Stage
      Using the Property Inspector
      Introducing Panel Sets
      Setting Preferences
      Getting Help
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 2.  Building the Interface
      Setting Stage Properties
      Importing Bitmaps
      Placing Sprites
      Adjusting the Tempo
      Understanding Keyframes
      Creating Movie Sections
      Not Using the Tempo Channel
      Creating a Pause with Lingo
      Creating a Simple Button
      Introducing the Paint Window
      Creating Keyframes
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 3.  Getting Interactive
      Using Multiple Casts
      Creating Buttons
      Changing the Cursor
      Creating Custom Cursors
      Introducing Text
      Introducing Sound
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 4.  Using Video
      Understanding Formats
      Insuring Playback Success
      Using QuickTime
      Using DVD Video
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 5.  Introducing Lingo
      Understanding Events
      System Events
      The Director Object Model
      Building a Better Button
      Fading Sprites With Lingo
      Introduction to Publishing
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 6.  Using Flash
      Creating an Input Dialog
      Importing and Testing
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 7.  Implementing a Database
      Calendar Functions
      Database Xtras
      Using Arca
      Using SQL
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 8.  Graphing with Imaging Lingo
      Introducing Imaging Lingo
      Setting Up
      Drawing the Graph
      Creating Text Labels
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 9.  Using MIAWs
      Introducing MIAWs
      Implementing the Graph
      Cleaning Up
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 10.  Packaging for Distribution
      Pre-Publishing Checks
      Understanding Projectors
      Customizing the Projector
      Cross-Platform Projectors
      Making Hybrid CD-ROMs
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 11.  Setting Up the Game
      Getting Started
      Animating the Enemies
      Scrolling the Background
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 12.  Handling the Keyboard
      Introduction to Director Key Handling
      Creating a Key Helper Tool
      Creating a Film Loop
      Controlling the Ship
      Arming the Ship
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 13.  Detecting Collisions
      Introduction to Collision Handling
      Keeping Track of Your Enemies
      Adding Effects
      Adding Status Indicators
      Adding the Final Level
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 14.  Publishing to Shockwave
      Introducing Shockwave
      Creating a Shockwave Movie
      Understanding Publish Settings
      Using Xtras in Shockwave
      Using External Audio
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 15.  Introducing Director 3D
      Understanding the 3D Member
      Creating the Game Board
      Mapping the Cards
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 16.  Controlling the Game
      Picking 3D Models
      Introducing Transforms
      Tracking Flipped Cards
      What You Have Learned
    Chapter 17.  Adding the Finishing Touches
      Pausing the Rotation
      Adding a Timer
      Solving the Game
      Adding an Ending Screen
      Adding a Camera Backdrop
      What You Have Learned
    Appendix A.  DOM Reference
    Appendix B.  Tips and Tricks
      Director Information
      Usability Tips
      Math and Numbers
      Images and Color

Macromedia Director MX 2004. Training from the Source
Macromedia Director MX 2004: Training from the Source
ISBN: 0321223659
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 166
Authors: Dave Mennenoh

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