Chapter 17. Adding the Finishing Touches

What You Will Learn

In this lesson you will:

  • Use Lingo to pause the game

  • Add a timing mechanism using ticks

  • Learn how to get the image of a 3D member

  • Add an ending screen to go to when the puzzle is solved

  • Add a backdrop to the camera

Approximate Time

This lesson should take you about 1.5 hours to complete.

Lesson Files

Media Files:


Starting Files:


Completed Files:


This is the final lesson in our fourth project, a 3D version of the classic game, "Memory."

Do you remember?

In this lesson you'll add the final, finishing touches to the 3D memory game. This includes checking that all of the matches have been completed and adding a scoring timer, background color, and an ending screen with congratulatory text.

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