Section 4.16. Some Solaris Nonportable Programming Practices

4.16. Some Solaris Nonportable Programming Practices

As the preceding comparison tables of system and library APIs show, a few Solaris calls are not portable to the Linux platform.Table 4-31 identifies some of the top incompatible APIs that may be encountered when porting Solaris applications to Linux.

Table 4-31. Porting Practices on Solaris That May Need Significant Porting Effort on Linux



Use of nlist

Look at lsof source code for nlist_private example

Reading /dev/kmem directly

Port using /procfs and sysinfo API

Use of System V release 4 streams

Use open source; Linux Streams (LiS) (

Use of Service Level Protocol

Use open source; OpenSLP (

Use of XTI/TLI

Use open source; OpenSS7 Project (

Caution is advised when using the equivalent Linux solutions presented. The list is presented only as a reference and not as officially recommended solutions. Investigate the viability of the solutions before planning to implement them in your applications.

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