Chapter 32. Features and Backward Compatibility of MySQL 4.1

In this book, you've learned about the core elements of MySQLhow to create and add tables, add records to those tables, how to join the tables and retrieve data, some of the built-in functions available, and so forth. You have probably come to your own conclusion that MySQL is a robust database system, and extremely fast at performing tasks. This statement is true. However, the developers at MySQL AB aren't stopping and resting on their laurelsMySQL 4.1 is a major release currently in beta testing, and it will include several enhancements that will make it an even better system.

In this short chapter, you'll learn about the new features planned for MySQL 4.1, including

  • The introduction of subqueries and how to use them

  • An overview of internationalization enhancements

  • Information on more minor additions

  • Information on the subsequent major release, MySQL 5.0

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