Chapter 3. Using Your New Plone Site



  • Joining a Plone Site

  • Working with Content in Plone

  • Publishing Content in Plone

  • Utilizing the Content Discussion Feature

  • Searching Content

  • Troubleshooting

In the previous chapter, you created a management user and a new Plone site. In this chapter, you'll work within your new site as a manager, but you will also create a generic user account and perform tasks as a nonmanager. This will help you to gain an understanding of a Plone site and workflow from both points of view, which will help you to build a better environment for your users and the overall needs of your organization.

To get started, navigate to your new Plone site. If you're logged in with your manager account, use the Log Out link. If you haven't logged in yet, even better ”in the next section, you'll join the site as a generic user and act as that user while performing some nonmanagerial tasks.


Throughout this chapter and the next, the default Plone installation is shown in examples. You'll learn to customize the colors, styles, elements, and other aspects in Chapter 5, "Customizing Plone."

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