101 Reasons: To Switch to the Mac

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101 Reasons: To Switch to the Mac
By Mark McElroy
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: October 19, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-7686-6872-7
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-6872-8
Pages: 60

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You've seen lots of "how to" information...but 101 Reasons to Switch to a Mac offers the "why to"! Inside, instead of tech-talk and speed tests, 101 Reasons to Switch to the Mac offers true stories and unbiased advice from a long-time Windows user who, along with a million others in 2005, made the switch to a Mac.

The chapters explore the benefits of working with a Mac, the power of the Mac OS X operating system, and the advantages of owning a computer that "just works." The comprehensive software guide recommends great applications that make short work of everyday tasks like surfing the web, ripping music, watching movies, retouching photos, laying out brochures, and much more. You'll also find pointers to great websites packed with resources for switchers and new Mac owners alike.

Already a Mac user? This Short Cut makes the perfect gift for friends and family who haven't yet discovered the joy of switching. The next time a PC user says, "Give me one good reason to switch!" you'll be prepared...with 101 Reasons to Switch to a Mac.

Here are just a few of the 101 reasons!

  • Why Mac OS X is the World's Coolest OS

  • Yes, you can have it allMacs Do Windows

  • Powerful Bundled Software has everything you'll need or want

  • Find out why wireless networking is easier with a Mac

  • The Macs fast performance makes it all worthwhile

  • How the Mac protects you from viruses and hackers

1. It Just Works

2. Ooohs and Aaahs

3. Macs Are Better for Beginners

4. Easy Setup

5. Faster Boots

6. Ready and Waiting

7. Greater Stability

8. Easy Software Installation

9. The Apple Store

10. They're Compatible

11. Macs Do Windows

12. .Mac ("Dot Mac")

13. Easier Wireless Networking

14. Protection from Viruses

15. Protection from Hackers

16. Productivity

17. Intelligent Monitor Management

18. Smoother Media Playback

19. Accessible Software Authors

20. Digital Photography Made Simple

21. Do More with Your Media

22. It Works Like an iPod

23. Native PDFs

24. Powerful Bundled Software

25. Blazing Fast Performance

26. The Value Question

27. Switching Is Easy

28. The MacBook

29. The MacBook Pro

30. iMac

31. Mac mini

32. iPods

33. Mighty Mouse

34. Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth

35. Airport Extreme Wireless Networking

36. Vista 2.0 Today?

37. Unix Under the Hood

38. The Mac OS X GUI

39. The Dock

40. Exposé

41. Spotlight

42. Dashboard

43. Spaces

44. Time Machine

45. Alex

46. Automator

47. Smart Folders

48. Auctions

49. Backup

50. Blogging

51. Charting

52. Chatting

53. Creative Writing

54. Customize Your Computer

55. Databases

56. Desktop Publishing

57. Digital Photography

58. Education

59. Email

60. File Management

61. Finances

62. FTP

63. Games

64. Getting Things Done (GTD)

65. Hobbies

66. iPod Enhancements

67. Launchers

68. Making Slideshows and Movies

69. Music Recording and Editing

70. News Readers and RSS

71. Productivity Suites

72. Organizing Information

73. PDAs, Palms, and Handheld PCs

74. Podcasting

75. Postage Printing

76. Presentations

77. Remote Desktop Management

78. Research Aids

79. Small Business Management

80. Spreadsheets

81. Useful Utilities

82. Voice Over IP[md]Free Phone Calls

83. Virus Protection

84. Watching Movies and TV Shows

85. Web Browsers

86. Web Design

87. Widgets

88. Word Processing

89. Apple.com

90. AppleInsider.com

91. 43folders.com

92. HawkWings.net

93. iLounge.com

94. MacFixIt.com

95. MacInTouch.com

96. MacMod.com

97. MacOSXHints.com

98. MacRumors.com and ThinkSecret.com

99. Macworld.com

100. The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW.com) and Engadget.com

101. VersionTracker.com

101 Reasons To Switch to the Mac
101 Reasons to Switch to the Mac
Year: 2007
Pages: 107
Authors: Mark McElroy
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