Monitoring Visitors to Your Profile

There are numerous Web sites that offer tools that let you track who is visiting your page. Using a snippet of code that you post on your MySpace page, these sites track and record the MySpace users who are looking at your profile. You can find details like who, when, and what time of day they visited. Advanced spying code will even give you a link to their profiles and let you track the number of users who look at your profile over a period of a day, week, or month.

These Web tracking services are great for MySpace users who think they might have a stalker and want to monitor activity on their pages. It can also be useful for concerned parents who want to keep better tabs on who is visiting their children's pages (assuming your kids agree to post this on the page).

There's even a blogmyspacetracker.blogspot.comthat helps you keep track of all the different profile trackers (Figure 7.11).

Figure 7.11. A profile tracker from makes it easy to figure out who's been knocking on your virtual door or lurking on your profile.

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