Changing Top 8 Friends to Top 20

In Chapter 4 we discussed Your Top 8, the feature that lets MySpace users select eight people from their list of friends and then display them (in a certain order) on their profiles. This feature is currently the default, and no more than eight friends will appear in that space unless the user programs the page otherwise. Because the Top 8 in a way signifies a person's favorite friends, it can become a sensitive issue, since the list appears publicly on a Myspacer's profile.

Some advanced MySpace users try to avoid offending anyone by hacking their own profile to feature their Top 20 or Top 30 instead, or even to hide this section completely. One way to expand the Top 8 list is to visit and select Top 16 Friends List, which lets users display up to 40 top friends on their pages (Figure 7.10).

Figure 7.10. This form at makes it easy to modify a Top 8 list. If this were an active profile, you'd see real pictures, not placeholders.

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