Section D.26. meetme.conf

D.26. meetme .conf

MeetMe is one of the more remarkable applications in Asterisk. This rather simple concept has proven to be extremely expensive to implement in every other PBX, but what seems like a big deal to them is simple to Asterisk. Whether by using a dedicated server, or through the use of a service, Asterisk now delivers this functionality as a standard application.

MeetMe conferences can be created either dynamically, with the d flag in the Dial( ) application, or statically in the meetme.conf file. The format for creating conference rooms is as follows :

 conf =>   conference_number   [,   pin   ][,   administrator_pin   ] 

All conferences must be defined under the [rooms] section header.

 [rooms]     conf => 4569     conf => 5060,54377017     conf => 3389,4242,1337     conf => 333,,2424 

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