Section D.25. manager.conf

D.25. manager.conf

The Asterisk Manager interface is an API that external programs can use to communicate with and control Asterisk, much as you would do from the Asterisk console.

The Manager gives programs the ability to run commands and request information from the Asterisk server. However, it is not very secureits authentication mechanism uses plain-text passwords, and all connected terminals receive all events. The Asterisk Manager should be used only on a trusted local area network, or locally on the box. The permit and deny constructs allow you to restrict access to certain extensions or subnets.

Many of the available graphical interfaces to Asterisksuch as the Flash Operator Paneluse the Manager to pull data and determine the status of applications. The manager.conf file defines the way programs authenticate with the Manager.

The Manager commands (which you can list by typing show manager commands at the Asterisk console) have varying degrees of privilege. You can control the read and write permissions for these commands with the use of the read and write options in the manager.conf file.

Here's a sample manager.conf file:

 [general]     enabled = no     port = 5038     bindaddr =     [magma]     secret = welcome     deny=     permit=     read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user     write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user 

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