ADSIProg( )

ADSIProg( ) Loads an ADSI script into an ADSI-capable phone

 ADSIProg(   script   ) 

Programs an Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI) phone with the given script . If none is specified, the default script, asterisk.adsi , is used. The path for the script is relative to the Asterisk configuration directory (usually /etc/asterisk/ ). You may also provide the full path to the script.

To get the CPE ID and other information from your ADSI-capable phone, use the GetCPEID( ) application.

 ; program the ADSI phone with the telcordia-1.adsi script  exten => 123,1,ADSIProg(telcordia-1.adsi)  

See Also

GetCPEID( ) , adsi.conf

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