Extending Terminal Server 2003

Terminal Server 2003 is a robust platform on which to deploy applications. However, as with many Microsoft products, there are situations in which you might want to extend the base capabilities. Several third party vendors offer middleware components and utilities for Terminal Server that help increase the reach of the product.

Two companies offer end-to-end server-based computing solutions: Citrix and Tarantella. Citrix MetaFrame and Tarantella New Moon Canaveral iQ are products that install on top of Terminal Server and offer advanced load-management, security, client options, and administrative tools. While this book won't go into the details of these two products, we will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge that you can use to determine if your environment's requirements can be met with pure Terminal Services or if a third-party solution is required. A comparison of third party products and Terminal Server can be found in the appendix.)

Furthermore, there are dozens and dozens of specialty software products designed specifically for server-based computing environments. From security to printing to performance enhancement to management, these products can simplify your life as a Terminal Server administrator. Rather than focusing on all these products at once, this book mentions relevant third-party products as they are relevant, and includes a full list of third-party products and vendor websites in the appendix. (You may always refer to www.brianmadden.com for a current list of third party products and vendors.)

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