Section 4.1. Hacks 2328: Introduction

4.1. Hacks 2328: Introduction

It's time to load up the old multimedia utility belt. Portable DVD player. Check. iPod. Check. Voice recorder. Electronic book reader.

That utility belt fills up fast when you try to carry all your electronics. Even if you have an eVest (, that's still a lot of stuff to carry. Plus you need spare batteries or rechargers for all of those devices.

What if you could use your Palm device to replace all those others? Granted, a Palm device won't be as efficient a music player as an iPod, and the screen isn't as big as a portable DVD player. But a Palm device can do an adequate job of replacing all of those devices, and a Palm device has its own unique functions as well. You can play games and use the standard applications on a Palm devicethat's much harder to do on other types of electronic devices.

The following hacks explore the multimedia possibilities of Palm devices what you need to get started, and where to obtain books, audio, video, and more.

Palm and Treo Hacks
Palm and Treo Hacks: Tips & Tools for Mastering Your Handheld
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