How This Book Is Organized

The book is divided into several chapters, organized by subject:

Chapter 1, Managing Information

This chapter explores the dusty corners of the basic applications (Date Book, Address Book, To Do List, and MemoPad). Palm devices are all about informationstoring information at a moment's notice and retrieving it later when you need it. These hacks will make you more efficient and help you get the most out of the basic applications.

Chapter 2, Palm Applications

Are you interested in astronomy? Do you manage complicated projects? The applications chapter focuses on using your Palm device to support specialized uses. Each hack covers a single area and shows you how to use your Palm device to support that.

Chapter 3, Play Games

You could write a whole book on gaming hacks (like Gaming Hacks by Simon Carless, O'Reilly, 2005). This chapter covers a range of gaming topics from using Palm devices to support traditional pen-and-paper role-playing to multiplayer games to classic games. After all, Palm devices aren't just for work.

Chapter 4, Multimedia

A Palm device is really a general-purpose computer. Most people think "PDA" or "smartphone" and limit their expectations. But a Palm device can provide entertainment as well as being a tool for managing information. With a Palm device you can read electronic books, listen to music, or even watch videos. A Palm device may not be as good as a dedicated device for these functions, but it has the advantage of versatility. If you would like to listen to a few songs while still having other functions available, then a Palm device is a better choice than a specialized device like an iPod.

Chapter 5, Treo

These hacks revolve around Treo-specific features. The hacks make use of the phone and Internet capabilities of Treos. You can learn how to do web and phone conferencing, or find out how to configure a Treo to match the way you intend to use it.

Chapter 6, Communications

How do you connect your Palm device to the Internet? The answer is, it depends. That's why there are hacks devoted to this and related topics. The types of communications available from a Palm device continue to expand. Palm devices now support infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data connections. Your Palm device can talk to the Internet or your stereo, and the hacks in this chapter show you how.

Chapter 7, System

System-level hacks get you closer to the underlying Graphical User Interface (GUI) and operating system. You can learn how to tweak the launcher, replace the built-in calculator, or even learn how to write your own programs.

Chapter 8, Hardware

Finally, you can get your hands dirty. Do you have problems with the connectors on your Palm device wearing out? Are you looking for cool add-ons or accessories for your Palm device? These are the sorts of things you will find in this chapter.


The following is a list of the typographical conventions used in this book:


Used to indicate URLs, filenames, filename extensions, on-screen options, and directory/folder names. For example, a path in the filesystem will appear as /Developer/Applications.

Constant width

Used to show code examples, the contents of files, console output, as well as the names of variables, commands, and other code excerpts.

Constant width bold

Used to highlight portions of code, typically new additions to old code.

Constant width italic

Used in code examples and tables to show sample text to be replaced with your own values.

Gray text

Used to indicate a cross reference within the text.

You should pay special attention to notes set apart from the text with the following icons:

This is a tip, suggestion, or general note. It contains useful supplementary information about the topic at hand.

This is a warning or note of caution, often indicating that your money or your privacy might be at risk.

The thermometer icons, found next to each hack, indicate the relative complexity of the hack.

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