Chapter 8. Math and Statistical Functions

Excel is packed with dozens of mathematical functions. Some of these functions are for specialized audiences, like engineers or statisticians, while others are so useful they can turn up in almost any civilian's spreadsheet.

In this chapter, you'll take a tour of two of Excel's largest function categories: Math & Trig and Statistical. Rather than slog through each function one by one, this chapter covers the most useful functions in each category. It starts by looking at a bunch of functions that help round, add, and count numbers . Then it also explains how to find averages, medians, and percentiles, which are helpful when comparing groups of data. Toward the end of the chapter, you'll see some of the more specialized functions that showcase Excel's skill with trigonometry and advanced statisticsgreat for math lovers, accounting jockeys, or political polling wonks interested in double-checking statistical significance claims.

Excel. The Missing Manual
Excel 2010: The Missing Manual
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